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  • Architectural expanded metal

Architectural expanded metal

Architectural expanded metal is made by the the same process with standard expanded metal..The shape could be diamond, hexagonal or irregular. With the performances of strong, lightweight, and good performance, it is widely used in both decoration and functional applications.


Material is available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper.

Thickness: For steel: 0.6 to 3mm

For aluminum 1mm to 5mm.

Specifications: Most architectural expanded metal is customized according to the actual situation of project. If you do not have idea, Ares will provide you suggestions or recommend suitable plan for you , you just share the basic information and your expection on the project. The following are some common styles accepted by clients:


-Façade cladding: Adapting expanded metal facade could make the building more modern and attractive.

- Sunscreen: Aluminum expanded metal sunscreen is a good choice for both appearance and sunlight. It can not only allows the passage of the air and ventilation of the background, but also increase the aesthetic.

Finish treatment:

Anodizing metals: provide decorative and corrosion resistant surface. It is specially used in architectural applications such as ceiling, walls or roofs.

Powder coating: has a higher thickness coating than most other protective layers. It is an economically safe and durable finish for most of metals. The thickness is >=60um

PVDF coating: provide good ultraviolet-proof performance compared with powder coating, and the finish has the metal  texture, The coating includes 3 steps, the thickness is >=35um


Ares has 34 yeas experiences on architectural expanded metal, now has more than 40 tools of patterns. Our architectural expanded metal has the following advantages:

- Strong and rigid

- Aesthetic

- Competitive price and fast delivery.

- Good design to control the air, light, heat and sound well

-We provide sample making and trial installation service.


-Building facades

-Room dividers

-Canopy sunscreens

-Wall panels


-Room Panels.



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