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  • 4x8ft raised expanded metal metal

  • 4x8ft raised expanded metal metal

  • 4x8ft raised expanded metal metal

4x8ft raised expanded metal metal

4x8ft expanded metal is the most common size use in market. Both raise expanded metal and flattened expanded metal are commonly use 4x8ft. For same style, the raised pattern is around 5% heavier than flattened type.



The following sketch shows the important data of expanded metal.

4x8ft raised expanded metal metal

Standard specifications: we have hundreds of tools, almost have all the tools of standard of America, Canada, Thailand, Japan as well as South Africa. Besides 4x8ft, 5x10ft is also common.

When ordering 4x8ft expanded metal panel, please clear the following complete specifications to avoid any error:

1. Style of mesh, such as 3/4 #9, 1/2#16..

2. Quantity of sheets

3. Sheet size: LWD dimension and SWD dimension(very important )

4. Type of material: steel ,SS or aluminum

5. Finish: untreated or galvanized

6. Regular or flattened

7. Tolerance if required.


200 sheets of 4x8ft, expanded metal ,3/4#13 Regular, Carbon steel.

Our advantages:

-30+ years manufacture history can provide you high quality.

-We are the earliest manufacture which can provide you more competitive price.

-Hundreds of tools and 34 machines can guarantee you delivery time.

-Rich producing experiences can meet your strict demands and solve the problem in fast way

-Professional sales team provide the fast communication and expert answers on your any questions.

Features of regular expanded metal panel

- High cost effective

- Sturdy and durable

- Cycle use

- Good antiskid effect

Material: carbon steel, aluminum, hot dipped galvanized after expanding, stainless steel, brass plate, etc.

Pattern: Diamond, hexagonal, irregular

Application: Raised expanded metal are mainly use in ship or large machinery area, with the mature of machining technology, flat expanded metal sheets are widely used in every walk of life, just like:

-expanded metal fencing

-expanded metal screen

-expanded metal walkway

-expanded metal grills

-expanded metal room divider

-expanded metal guards

-expanded metal architectural decoration



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