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6 Tips for Using Metal Mesh in Construction

Nov. 17, 2020

Modern people pay more and more attention to openness, brightness, and appearance, and glass has occupied a dominant position in the exterior decoration of buildings around the world. This forces us to find a way to design that can handle excess solar radiation and maintain proper thermal comfort in all seasons without obstructing the view or making the interior space. Metal mesh suppliers provide quality and flexibility, which can be used with glass. Here we propose 6 techniques to combine with these materials to maximize their possibilities.

1. Consider that metal mesh can provide thermal comfort in summer and winter

In the summer, the grid filters the sun's rays create shadows, and reduce the indoor temperature. Its permeability in winter allows the sun to penetrate, reducing heating costs. This makes us consider the variable conditions of different months when designing and selecting the opening and texture of the grid.

When using metal mesh as a sunshade, combined with a glass cover, it is necessary to pay attention to the interaction of the entire facade system. Including glazed glass, sunlight elevation angle, the distance between metal mesh and glass facade, the gloss of metal wire, etc.

2. Use wind and installation methods to form an effective ventilated exterior wall

The metal mesh can be installed separately from the glass. We can choose an appropriate distance to produce a ventilation effect to prevent the accumulation of hot air during the extension of the facade.

3. Consider from the perspective of internal users

Although the façade can hide heat, shading, and equipment visually on the urban scale, we must consider the observation and feeling of users in the indoor space. Different patterns and levels of grid openness and the degree of change can determine the quality of the landscape and the lighting of the living space. Use the smallest

Metal Mesh

4. Support points to reduce costs

In order to install the grid in the entire facade, only one substructure with upper and lower connection points is needed. According to the size of the individual elements that compose it, fixed intermediate supports must be added on each layer to reduce the maximum load on the substructure and the possible deviation of the grid.

Although the maximum width of the wire mesh element is limited by the production method, its length is limited by processing and technical considerations. In most cases, a single length of element can cover a height of 20 to 25 meters. After detailed technical inspections, longer components can be manufactured.


5. Experiment with the form: the mesh can produce a 3D effect on the appearance

Cube, cylinder, right angle, and free form. Through prefabricated components, dynamic three-dimensional geometric figures can be generated to enhance internal thermal and light comfort. In addition to the changes in form, the grid usually adopts the appearance of stainless steel. Different colors, digital printing, coated metal wires, metal wire mesh (copper, tin bronze, brass), and other forms can be selected.

The interaction between the artificial light source and natural light source, transparency, brightness, and color makes the facade constantly show new and fashionable colors.

6. Try to take advantage of its flexibility: the grid should not always be fixed

Different installation options-fixed, sliding, or detachable-make it better adapted to climate change, giving the facade more possibilities for changes in form and function.

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