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How Much Do You Know about Perforated Plates?

Dec. 22, 2020

Nowadays, there are more and more types of building materials. When we talk about building materials, the first thing that comes to mind is marble, aluminium plate, paint, etc. Do you want some new and unique materials? In fact, ordinary materials will be rewarded with a little creativity. Surprises, such as perforated metal plates. Perforated metal plates have nearly 150 years of development history. At first, they were mainly used in the mining industry. The different processing of metal perforated plates can be diversified under the hands of the designer to live in us. The city is infused with fresh vitality.

What is a perforated plate?

Perforated plate, it is actually a perforated metal plate, but the same metal plate, mostly stainless steel plate, aluminium plate, iron plate, copper plate, etc., is cut to the appropriate size through different cutting and perforated on the CNC machine tool. Commonly used in the hole type are simple geometric shapes such as round holes, square holes, and triangular holes, which have the characteristics of long service life and no deformation, so as to obtain the ideal pattern effect.

Advantages of perforated plate

1. Porosity

The most direct appearance feature of a perforated plate is porosity, which means that the internal and external spaces are mutually permeable.

2. Fashion

Perforated panels are born with avant-garde style and are widely used in architecture, landscape, indoor and outdoor decoration to create the fashionable and modern beauty of this city. Perforated metal panels can be based on the needs of architects. Make different shapes and sizes, and make different combinations.

3. Sound absorption

Studies have shown that perforated panels have sound absorption effects and can reduce the impact of noise on the human body. The use of perforated metal panels in front of buildings can bring some energy savings.


Behind the perforated plate, an air layer or porous material is arranged and a sound-absorbing structure fixed on the rigid wall can be regarded as a resonance system composed of mass and spring. When the frequency of the incident sound wave is consistent with the resonance frequency of the system, the air in the perforated plate vibrates and rubs violently, which strengthens the absorption effect, forms an absorption peak, and significantly attenuates sound energy. When it is far away from the resonance frequency, the absorption effect is small. If the porous material is placed behind the perforated plate to increase the acoustic resistance, the absorption band of the structure will be widened.

In the design process of concert halls, cinemas, multi-function halls, etc., sound-absorbing structures have been widely used.


Application of perforated plate

Construction sector

The perforated board can separate the space and make the space semi-isolated. While ensuring safety, space still maintains comfortable air permeability and forms a wonderful light and shadow effect. The combination of metal and wood and other materials can form different textures and textures. Let the building facade get a rich artistic perception

Features of perforated metal plate

1. Uniformity n hole size and spacing.

2. Smooth and clean surface.

3. Strong metal perforation performance, corrosion resistance, not easy to break.

4. Allow sound, air, liquid and gas to pass.

5. Various hole designs: round, slotted, square and decorative.

6. Multiple functions: filter, diffuser, protective device, filter, vent.

The above information is provided by the perforated metal factory.

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