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How to Install Metal Mesh?

Dec. 11, 2020

Dominique Perrault, the French architect of metal mesh, took the lead in creatively introducing mesh metal materials into the field of architectural finishes. He designed and built the French National Library in 1989~1995, and designed and built the German Olympic bicycle in 1992~1999. The museum and swimming pool created a precedent for the application of large-scale wire mesh. After that, many designers began to notice it and used it in their designs. Today, the metal mesh supplier will introduce to you this material-metal mesh.

Construction and installation of metal mesh

1. Screen installation

First of all, the large screen frame is made, and the first layer frame of the screen is welded after 45° to 45° corner welding and polishing.

Secondly, the mountain-shaped lines are printed after deepening the original design drawing, and the mountain-shaped sections are divided into sections of curves according to the width of the mesh. The mesh is cut into a mountain-shape and sent to the site for installation.

Then weld the second and third layers of the frame of the screen, and finally complete the installation of the second layer of mountain-shaped mesh and the fourth layer of frame.

2. Metal curtain installation

When installing the vertical curtain, reserve a good space according to the size, and install metal chains and pulleys on the upper end of the vertical curtain. The distance between the pulleys is 15~20cm. After fixing the track to the ceiling, insert the pulleys in turn.

Gothic Net

3. Ceiling installation

When installing the stretched mesh ceiling, first install the keel according to the elevation required by the drawing, adjust the straightness of the laser line to the left and right, and then use the self-drilling screw to fix the keel and the ears on the frame together.

4. Guardrail installation

When producing metal fence netting, it is necessary to calculate the number of meshes according to the size of the drawing, connect ropes at both ends of the metal net, and insert the frame or stainless steel cable (with positive and negative wire teeth on both ends) when installing on-site. 

After that, slowly tighten the diamond-shaped mesh at an angle of 60 degrees as the ideal tension, and then reinforce the surrounding frames or stainless steel cables and other accessories.

Gothic net is a kind of metal net, and its special hole pattern makes it very popular as a decorative net, fence, cabinet screen, window, and door protection net. Its high-strength properties make it very popular in sidewalk grids. Gothic Mesh is favored by many Oceanian customers (such as Fiji and Papua New Guinea) and Asian customers (such as Japan and Thailand).

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