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The Difference between Expanded Metal, Perforated Metal and Wire Mesh

Apr. 14, 2021

Things You Should Know about Perforated Metal and Expanded Metal

Although perforated metal and expandable metal have been used in construction for over 100 years, architects, designers and builders are still finding new applications for them and their use continues to grow. Here are things you should know about these two architectural components.

Mar. 23, 2021

Advantages of Metal Fabrication  

More and more architects and organisations are realising how valuable, functional and effective prefabricated metal buildings, panels and profiles will be when trying to combine function and aesthetics for refurbishment, new extensions and new buildings.

Mar. 15, 2021

Interior Applications of Perforated Metal

Metal has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional interior applications. Once used only for roofing and facade siding, new metal materials, applications and attitudes are moving it into interiors to produce creative, sophisticated designs.

Feb. 24, 2021

Why Architects Love Wall Cladding?

Architectural expanded metal is a fantastic metal to use for walls due to its strength and beauty. Expanded metal sheets are available in standard or flattened and come in a variety of hole apertures and metal thicknesses to suit specific applications.

Feb. 05, 2021

Metal Mesh Can be Gentle

​The architects worked with artist Ned Kahn to create a dynamic façade of layered, free-flowing grid panels. The design of the Ohio Center Garage is a response to the historic roots of the site, which was once a racetrack, and now the dynamic garage is expressed like a work of art.

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