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Metal Mesh Can be Gentle

Feb. 05, 2021

The architects worked with artist Ned Kahn to create a dynamic façade of layered, free-flowing metal mesh. The design of the Ohio Center Garage is a response to the historic roots of the site, which was once a racetrack, and now the dynamic garage is expressed like a work of art, welcoming everyone who approaches the expansive centre from behind.

Kaynemaile, a polycarbonate fibre mesh, is the primary building material for the project's façade, complementing the form and materials of the existing building and introducing architectural elements that can be considered part of the convention centre's extensive art collection.

Artist Kahn's experience made him acutely aware of the difficulties of designing a large dynamic structure, "Silver Lining," a 915-meter-long mesh curtain wall, and Schooley Caldwell, as an architect, worked to ensure that the artwork-like façade could actually be built and kept up with the ambitiously compressed schedule for the successful installation of the garage skin.

 Expanded Metal Mesh

The architects and structural engineers collaborated and communicated on numerous occasions to address the potential for atmospheric icing during the project, and the local steel manufacturer, working closely with artist Kahn, New Zealand-born Kaynemaile, and the installation's construction supervisor, carefully considered the rigging to create an architectural piece that exceeds expectations. The overall effect is mesmerizing, so that the skin of the parking garage, which connects people to the forces of nature, will gradually integrate into everyday life as time passes, and the "silver lining" allows people to experience, simply and The power of the subtle breeze.

Ares has strong advantages on the expanded metal, perforated metal, safety grating, and architectural metal mesh. The expanded metal contains standard and flattened type; Perforated metal has round, square, slotted and decorative shapes; Safety gating includes Grip strut, perf-O Grip, Traction tread series; Architectural metal mesh has aluminium expanded metal, aluminum perforated metal, laser cut panel and stainless steel wire mesh.

Youth Palace is one of the representative building in Zheng ding. The curtail wall decoration adopts the aluminium expanded metal panel produced by Huijin company. The specifications are 300mmx120mmx3mm with PVDF finish treatment, 12000sq2 totally. We worked from design, production, installation to after-sales. Now the Youth Palace has been open to society and receives high praise on the building façade.

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