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Applications of Steel Plate Mesh and Architectural Perforated Metal

Jun. 30, 2021

Architectural Steel Plate Mesh

Steel plate mesh is available in a variety of styles and materials for architectural applications. Openings with expanded metal features allow air, light, and sound to pass through but can be customized to provide more or less of any of these aspects. The high level of customization options makes the expanded metal very versatile and cost-effective.

Architectural Steel Plate Mesh

 Architectural Steel Plate Mesh

Expanded metal comes in three types.



Heavy Duty Lenticular

When choosing an expanded metal style, hexagonal or square holes provide high aesthetic value for architectural applications, while diamond-shaped openings provide superior strength and stiffness over time. Each of these options can be customized so that the function and appearance of your architectural vision remains consistent


The flat and raised profile of sheet metal mesh products provides texture and creates an ideal 3D appearance. When used in combination with glass, concrete, plastic, and other materials, expanded metal can provide a practical and modern look while still offering rigidity and strength. When used in outdoor applications, expanded metal is resistant to the elements because it is non-porous and corrosion-resistant. Steel mesh also results in little to no material waste, as little metal is wasted in the production process


When selecting architectural expanded metal options, customers can choose from.



Light and intermediate options

Heavy Duty

The most commonly used materials include steel, aluminum, and copper, each with different weight and strength specifications as well as different aesthetic effects.

Architectural Perforated Metal

Architectural perforated metal can be purchased in many different sizes, with fully customizable hole sizes and hole shapes. It is also possible to use different gauges and a variety of materials, thus creating many different products within this larger product group. The advantages of perforated metal are many, but some of the strongest include

Architectural Perforated Metal

 Architectural Perforated Metal

High strength

Aesthetic appeal



Easy to fabricate/form

For these reasons, perforated metal has become a popular choice for designers and architects. Many uses exist, including applications such as



Ceiling panels

Architectural façade work


Depending on the needs of the application, different hole shapes allow sound and light to pass through easily, as well as liquids and air where rainwater is needed to pass through easily or as part of a ventilation system.


Punches and presses can punch a variety of hole shapes in sheet metal, which allows for excellent design flexibility while retaining all the practical functional benefits of the material. Depending on your needs, material options for perforated metal include




Stainless steel


Cold-rolled steel

Custom perforated metal solutions are available to meet the needs of virtually any design. For example, a skip punch in a custom design will create vertical gaps and margins in the material. In addition, portions of the punch can be blocked to create parallel center edges or unpunched metal rectangles within the pattern, creating a unique design while maintaining the strength of the material.


Before meeting with your supplier to discuss your order, consider the hole size, shape and function required for a custom perforated metal solution so you know what is needed for the functionality and appearance of the solution.

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