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The Main Purpose of Perforated Metal Sheet

Nov. 10, 2020

In the past ten years, perforated metal sheets have achieved rapid development in acoustic applications. We have every reason to believe that in the near future, the development of perforated sound-absorbing metal sheets will be comparable to economic development.

Most of the latest developments in perforated sound-absorbing sheet metal will come from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and construction companies. The former needs to reduce the noise of its products to meet customer requirements, while the latter expects to incorporate noise control into their engineering projects.

Compared with other commonly used sound-absorbing materials, perforated sound-absorbing metal plates can be cleaned and rebuilt without damaging their acoustic performance. In addition, perforated sound-absorbing metal plates have high structural strength, can be formed, and maintained complex Advantages of curved shape and impact resistance.

Perforated Metal Sheets

Three main uses of perforated sound-absorbing metal sheets:

(1) Used as a protective or decorative surface for some special acoustic materials. The acoustic materials here are used to absorb or reflect or scatter sound waves in a special way, that is to say, these acoustic materials actually act as acoustic workers, and the metal perforated plates only need to let the sound waves pass. Just enter the acoustic material. In such applications, we only need to ensure that the perforated plate used has the best sound permeability for sound waves of all frequencies.

(2) Adjust the resonance sound absorption. In some cases, we need to absorb sound waves in a specific frequency band. Usually, we call them resonance mufflers. At this time, it is these metal perforated plates that determine the specific frequency band of the absorbed sound waves.

(3) As an air diffuser. In some professional aerodynamic test equipment, such as wind tunnel, the metal perforated plate is used to break the pattern of airflow turbulence.

In all sound absorption processing, we need to pay attention to matching the sound absorption frequency range of the acoustic processing equipment used with the sound waves to be processed.

The perforated sound-absorbing metal plate has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, strength, and durability, and it has many years of experience at home and abroad as the protective surface of the sound-absorbing structure.

The above information is provided by perforated sheet manufacturers.

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