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How to Choose the Right Size for Your Expanding Metal Baskets?

Jun. 15, 2021

In many cases, expanded metal baskets can be an excellent alternative to using sheet metal or custom wire baskets. Baskets made from expanded metal offer better durability and tensile strength than wire while providing better drainage and airflow than sheet metal baskets. This makes expanded metal baskets almost perfectly suited for heavy parts cleaning processes where thin custom wire baskets won't cut it, but sheet metal will interfere too much with the parts finishing process. Next, the expanded metal supplier will share the following content with you.


However, not all wire mesh baskets are created equal. When constructing a wire mesh basket, it is important to carefully consider the dimensions of the mesh - that is, how much open space there is between the solid surfaces (also called lines) in the mesh and the size/thickness of those surfaces.


If the size of the metal mesh is too tight, it may interfere with the washing process or allow water (or other chemicals and process runoff) to accumulate in the expanded metal basket. Too open and parts may fall out, or the basket may be too weak.

Expanded Metal

 Expanded Metal

So, how do you choose the right size metal mesh for your custom parts washing basket? Here is a quick guide.

Factors behind mesh size selection

When creating a steel mesh, expanded metal manufacturers need to consider it.


Keeping the weight of the parts. Naturally, the weight the basket is designed to hold will affect how wide the space between strands is and how thick each strand needs to be. The heavier the expected load, the thicker the strands of the metal mesh need to be.

The type of metal used for the mesh. The type of metal used in the wire mesh also determines the thickness of the strands and how much open space there can be between the strands. For example, 304 stainless steel is stronger than aluminum for the same size, so 304 SS can be made thinner and wider for the same weight tolerance. High carbon steel is stronger, so carbon steel wire mesh can carry more weight than 304 SS mesh of the same size.

The need for the washing process. The washing process itself can heavily influence the design of a custom metal mesh basket, all the way down to the spacing of the mesh. Many wash processes require a lot of open space to facilitate water/airflow and prevent runoff from collecting in the basket (which is why custom wire baskets are often preferred for these processes). Therefore, thinner meshes with more open space are often preferred for water-based or chemical-based cleaning processes. In addition, the chemicals and temperature used in the cleaning process may influence the choice of material.

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