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What Metal Is Best for My Building Project?

Nov. 04, 2021

Ares Metal is your preferred supplier of architectural metals. We offer a wide range of perforated metal, expanded metal, and bar grating. When deciding which metal is best for your application, we will assist in customizing it to meet your needs. To understand each metal recommended, here are some brief overviews.


Perforated metal

Perforated metal comes in a variety of finishes, thicknesses, hole sizes, and patterns. This architectural metal is perfect for commercial applications. Very durable, lightweight, and economical, perforated metal can be customized to your specific needs. It allows air, light, sound, and gas to pass through, making it suitable for applications such as benches and drain covers.

Perforated Metal

 Perforated Metal  

Applications for architectural perforated metal

Metal Screens

Metal guards

Metal diffusers

Metal privacy panels

Metal Facades

Metal Infill Panels

Metal Waste Container

Metal benches

Metal Drainage Covers


This metal is best suited to highly customized architectural and commercial applications. With the ability to filter air, light, sound, and gas, this metal is extremely versatile. Perforated metal is available in a variety of types including round, square, slotted, and hexagonal perforations.


Expanded Metal

Strong and rigid, expanded metal is suitable for both decorative and functional purposes. Whether it is needed for security purposes or to add an architectural flair to a project, this metal is great for multiple uses. Different from perforated metal, this metal has diamond shape openings. For a more attractive flare, this can be used for sunshades and for a bit of privacy.

The Expanded Metal for Building Facade in Israel

The Expanded Metal for Building Facade in Israel     

Applications for Architectural Expanded Metal

Metal Sunscreens

Metal Room Dividers and Panels

Metal Sign Panels

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal Display Units

Metal Walkways

Metal Grilles

Metal Columns

Metal Building Facades

This metal is best for—creating visually attractive architectural projects with the expanded metal’s unique shape. This metal can be used for just about anything. It comes in multiple sizes and metals, making it a good choice for adding an aesthetically appealing element to a project.


Bar Grating

Designed for industrial and architectural use, it is ideal for awnings, fencing, walkways, and more. Bar gratings have become an important part of modern industrial plants, for example for decking, platforms and stair treads. Architectural uses include gates, sunshades, and fencing. Metal grating is ideal for screening unwanted items from most environments and will not interfere with sprinkler systems.

Traction Tread Grating

Traction Tread Grating  

Applications of architectural bar grating

Metal public walkways

Metal stair treads

Metal driveway drains

Metal rain and gutter drains

Metal industrial decking

Metal fountain grilles

Metal Vents

Metal flooring

Metal fencing

This metal is best suited to applications where a degree of structural strength is required. The metal is corrosion-resistant, versatile, and has a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it can withstand heavy loads. To create more visually appealing projects, this product is not limited to industrial applications.


Ares Metal is a specialist supplier of architectural metals. Depending on your project, we offer a variety of options for each of the specialty metals listed above to meet your specific needs. If you want to get more information about the architectural metal mesh, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.

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