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Where Can Metal Mesh be Used?

Jan. 15, 2021

In the early days, metal mesh was commonly used in protective fences, walls and fences, such as the fences of our basketball courts and athletic fields when we were in school, but later the talented French architect Dominique Perrault was the first to introduce this mesh metal material into the field of architectural finishes.

After this, many designers began to notice it and use it in their designs, yes, what we are going to share with you today is this material - metal mesh.

Application of metal mesh

Metal mesh materials are generally mostly weather-resistant aluminum, stainless steel and copper wire mesh, which are often used in construction projects for protective fences, walls and fences, etc. Through designers' inspired creation, metal mesh materials are now widely used in the field of architectural interior landscape art installations.

The metal mesh materials used for the exterior of the building are generally good weather-resistant aluminum, stainless steel, copper wire mesh. In the field of interior design, metal mesh materials are more selective and widely used as maintenance partitions, stair railings, decorative materials, furniture materials, etc.

 Metal Mesh

Metal mesh materials are divided into 3 categories in terms of processing.

1. woven wire mesh - metal mesh, metal mesh curtain made of metal wire, wire and twisted wire by machine weaving.

2.Stretching type sheet mesh - made of sheet metal through mechanical cutting, stretching and pressing processes.

3.Welded wire mesh - made of metal wire welded by special method.

Installation method

There are various forms of metal mesh construction, which are generally more related to the type of mesh. Woven wire mesh commonly used methods are hook and loop tensioning method; stretching type, welded metal mesh often use edge clamping type, direct welding type, etc.

Installation of woven wire mesh

To reduce the structural load with support points, sub-structures with upper and lower connection points, depending on the size of the individual cells composing it, must add fixed intermediate supports on each layer to reduce the maximum load on the sub-structure and the possible deviation of the mesh.

Advantages of metal mesh

Permeability and aesthetics in the building effectively regulates light and heat comfort, makes the exterior wall form effective ventilation, prevents hot air from gathering for a long time, and is a material that can be used as light diffusion facilities, shading facilities, safety protection, anti-flying birds and mosquitoes, and light and wind permeability.

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