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Why Architects Love Wall Cladding?

Feb. 24, 2021

Architects love the artistic aspect and structure enhancing features of wall cladding. It is a decorative method of covering a wall to make it look like a different material than it's actually made of. This creates a skin layer over the existing wall. While wall cladding (also called exterior cladding) has some interior applications, it's most effective and desirable as an exterior architectural component.

Architectural Uses

Depending on the building and it's used, wall cladding comes in a variety of applications like wood, brick, reinforced plastic, faux stone, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Metal cladding has many architectural uses that enhance a variety of buildings and fences including, apartment buildings, schools, parking garages, museums, and sports arenas to provide added privacy and security, thermal insulation, internal environmental control, and to create an aesthetically appealing exterior wall.

Architects love wall cladding for these beneficial reasons:

1.Strong steel materials make it long-lasting.

2.Particularly with steel, there is little to no maintenance.

3.Most cladding processes “seal” the building and help make them environmentally responsible.

4.Easy to shape to your desired end result and individual customization means superior versatility.

5.Low installation and maintenance costs make it an affordable option.

6.Steel is particularly valuable for protecting against inclement weather and can even help prevent water damage. It typically requires minimal upkeep and maintenance and saves time and money in the short term and in the long run.

Architectural Expanded Metal

Hebei Ares Metal offers the highest quality, steel products around. Their perforated metal and expanded metal are widely used by architects for wall cladding.

Perforated wall cladding architectural Perforated Metal

Architectural perforated metal is very commonly used for wall cladding due to its functionality and aesthetics. Its versatility is well known to architects and designers because it has a large variety of openings, hole sizes, and shapes. Perforated cladding is available in Low carbon steel plate, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and nickel which gives architects a wide variety to create their own unique, eye-catching work of art. It can be sunscreen in some cases and a protective metal layer while being a beautiful addition at the same time. Decorative perforated cladding is used inside and out in restaurants, hotels, office buildings, airports and more.

Architectural Expanded MetalWhy Architects Love Wall Cladding, expanded

Architectural expanded metal is a fantastic metal to use for walls due to its strength and beauty. Expanded metal sheets are available in standard or flattened and come in a variety of hole apertures and metal thicknesses to suit specific applications. Expanded metal cladding is available in many materials, is ascetically pleasing and adds a layer of security to any building or fence.

It is commonly used inside or outside for safety door & window screening, room dividers, decorative ceilings, building facades, highway fencing, and civil buildings.

Designers and architects love to use steel wall cladding due to their immense variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They appreciate steel claddings'ability to be used inside buildings or affixed on outside structures. The ease of construction, ease of cleaning, and eye appeal make it the ideal solution.

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