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Why Choose Metal Safety Netting?

Nov. 30, 2020

As we move around the city every day, we often see buildings under construction covered with a layer of sky-blue metal mesh, which is the main character of today's topic, Climbing Metal Safety Netting. It is commonly used in the outer layer of a liftable scaffolding system to prevent people and objects from being accidentally thrown. It is more suitable for use in high-rise building construction.

China is a country with a large population and a large construction country, and since ancient times China has been in the leading position in the world in terms of construction technology. China's construction sector has also developed rapidly since its reform and opening up, and modern construction techniques and codes have gradually caught up with and surpassed international standards. Especially in the field of building safety China has been a step ahead of other countries, while other countries are still using traditional building safety nets, we have two years ago started to popularize and use climbing metal safety net products, climbing metal safety net products with a one-time installation and reuse, saving time and costs, strong security and protection capabilities are necessary for modern building safety construction. Product.

Architectural expanded metal

The structure of the climbing metal safety netting has a great influence on its quality and can be said to play a decisive role. 

Another is to observe the surface treatment of safety nets, now when producing metal safety nets for building climbers, the surface of the climbers will be sprayed, in order to ensure the service life and corrosion resistance of metal safety nets for building climbers, of course, the quality of the powder material used in the spraying process has advantages and disadvantages, after the spraying powder is of good quality, the surface of the safety nets must be delicate and smooth, and the spraying thickness is uniform, the color is bright, and there is no color difference on the front and back sides.

The quality of sprayed climbing nets varies greatly from one safety net to another. Climbing safety nets, in general, adopt a metric structure. The overall structure of metal safety nets for building climbers is strong. This allows the safety net to withstand uniform forces, increasing the safety and service life of the metal safety netting on the building climbers.

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