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Why Do We Need to Set up a Safety Grating?

Jan. 26, 2021

The grille is the most important auxiliary equipment in a sewage pumping station. The safety grating is generally made up of a set of parallel bars and is placed diagonally at the inlet of the pumping station's catch basin. The angle of inclination is 60°~80°. After the grating should be set up workbench, workbench should generally be higher than the highest water level upstream of the grating 0.5 m. For manual cleaning of the grating, the length of the workbench along the direction of water flow is not less than 1.2 m, mechanical cleaning of the grating, its length is not less than 1.5 m, the width of the aisle on both sides is not less than 0.7 m.

Related requirements

In front of the sewage treatment system or pump, a grille must be set up. The amount of suspended and floating matter (collectively referred to as slag) that can be retained by the grating varies considerably depending on the width of the gap between the bars selected and the nature of the sewage. The width of the gap between the grating bars should meet the following requirements: before the sewage treatment system, 16~25mm when using mechanical removal, 25~40mm when using manual removal; before the pump, should be determined according to the requirements of the pump. If the width of the gap between the grating bars of the pump is not greater than 20mm, the grating can no longer be set before the sewage treatment system. The amount of grating slag is related to the width of the gap between the grating bars: when the width of the gap between the grating bars is 16~25mm, the amount of grating slag is 0.10~0.05m

Grip strut safety grating also named diamond channel grating It was manufactured by cold forming into a shape of channel.The serrated, diamond-shaped openings make grip strut grating safer than conventional gratings and allow mud, oil, grease and industrial waste to fall through.

Applications: According to the uses, grip strut safety grating includes planks, walkway and stair treads. Different use has different connection parts and accessories.

Grip Strut Safety Grating


1. Easy to install

Light and easy to handle make the installation simply and quickly. It can be handled by one person; Most sections can be bolted rapidly, clamped or welded into place, easy to cut to adapted to field conditions.

2. Versatility

Available in a variety of widths and channel heights

3. Safe surface

The serrated surface provide safety in all directions in hazardous walking conditions such as mud, ice, snow, oil or detergents; the diamond opening are small enough to catch falling tools and other objects.

4. Suitable open design, easy to clean

The diamond opening allows quick drainage of fluids, chips, grease and mud and very easy to clean and maintenance.

5. High load capacity, and long life-time

Hijin Grip Strut Grating has High strength-to weight performance which also provide long life.

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