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  • Perforated metal panel

  • Perforated metal panel

Perforated metal panel

Perforated metal can be manufactured by variety of different types of presses machine such as turret, all-across, sectional, CNC etc. The holes allows for precise control of open areas that adjust the passage of sound, air, gases, liquids and solid objects. The materials are available in stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized, aluminum, brass and copper.


Main shapes of perforated metal

Perforated metal panel

Please contact us for more details specifications of each patterns.

Advantages of perforated metal

-Uniformity n hole size and spacing

-Smooth and clean surface

-The performance of perforated metal is strong ,resistant and not easy to break

- Allows for passage of sound, air, liquids and gas

-Variety of hole design: round, slotted, square and decorative

-Variety of functions: screen, diffusers, guards, filters, vents.


Perforated metal is used in a wide range of industrial and architectural applications ,in interiors and exteriors, for both performance and aesthetic purposes. Mainly in

- Agricultural industry

-Mining industry

-Automotive industry

-Food processing industry

-Mining industry

- Electronic industry

-Aeration industry

-Acoustics industry



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