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  • Slot perforated metal

  • Slot perforated metal

Slot perforated metal

SLotted perforated metals are also an industry design that is very useful in sorting and grading of solid objects, such as grains or minerals. The slotted perforation provides greater ventilation than round perforation and is better suited for decorative use than square perforation. Many slot sizes and pattern layouts are available according to client’s demands.



Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, pregalvanzied

Arrangement: Staggered or straight

Common size: 3'x 10', 3'x8',

Common slot size: .2''x0.637'', .125''x.75''. .125''x1''

Slotted perforated metal has three patterns: side stagger, end stagger, and straight, please see the following illustration:

Slot perforated metal

Sheet resheared after perforating with margins:

Slot perforated metal

Applications of Slotted perforated metal

Like the round perforated metal, slotted perforated metal also have the ability to control the passage of air and other gases, liquids, light, solid ,heat, electromagnetic energy and sound waves, with these properties, slotted perforated metal has wide applications in industry sectors, including:





-Food processing








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