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  • Traction tread grating

  • Traction tread grating

  • Traction tread grating

Traction tread grating


Traction tread grating has the hundreds of perforated buttons on the surface that provide anti-slip in all directions. According to the use, it includes traction tread planks, traction tread flooring, traction tread stair treads, and traction tread carrier plate: It has the advantages as following:

-Especially suitable for commercial or industrial applications where pedestrian traffic is a consideration.

-Providing a safe walking working surface for walkway, ramps, stair treads as well as equipment platforms.

-Perfectly suited for ADA-compliant requirements.

-Customized is workable

-Hole patterns and arrangement are available according to customer's demands


For traction tread flooring: the size 36x120''

For traction tread planks: The width could be 7'', 10'', 12''

The length: 122''or 144''

For the stair tread: the length 24'' to 28''

The width : 7'', 10'', 12''

Channel heights: 1-1/2'', 2''

Material options:

Hot rolled, pickled and oiled carbon steel:

11 Gauge(5.0lbs/sq.ft.)

12 Gauge(4.3lbs/sq.ft.)

13 Gauge(3.8lbs/sq.ft.)

14 Gauge(3.1lbs/sq.ft.)

16 Gauge(2.5lbs/sq.ft.)

Mill Galvanized steel :

11 Gauge(5.0lbs/sq.ft.)

13 Gauge(3.8lbs/sq.ft.)




Traction tread grating



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